Wine Varietals Trends

Wine Varietals Trends In Google 'Search'


BTN looked at many varietals and trends on google search metrics and re-confirmed what the industry thought was happening with little surprise. 'Sauvignon Blanc had better growth than Malbec when it comes to people searching for wine with those key words.


Search Word: Malbec


Demand has been growing downwards from the peak of 2013. Before its late, Argentina needs to move Beyond Malbec to offer its customer other great varietals like Torrentes and Bonarda





Search Word: Sauvignon Blanc

Demand has been growing consistantly.




Search Word: Shiraz


Its a long term play for Australia and BTN strongly belivies that Australian Wine Industry is moving in the right direction. Wineries should not get excited with strong USD and start lowering their prices. For Australian Wine Industry to sustain, it must move beyond (Next Chapter) the $7.99 price that has been defined by Yellow Tail, Little Penguin, Lindeman, and other big brands.






Wine Marketing Plan For National Retailers (A Must Read)

adamAdam Vignola, National Chain Manager for Bronco Wine Co


It is the fourth largest producer of wine in the United States. Bronco’s diverse family of brands are sold in over 65 countries worldwide in addition to being distributed throughout the United States


He has been calling Costco Wholesalers (8 regions), Whole Foods Markets (11 regions), Total Wines & More, wine dot com, WTSO, Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets, The Fresh Markets, Gelsons Supermarkets, Bristol Farms Markets, Sprouts Farmer's Markets, WineStyles, Vino Volo.


Adam is also ï»¿a ISG Certified Sommelier, WSET Level 4, Court of Master Sommeliers Level 1

BTN Interviews Adam on what wineries, distributors and importers need to do when making a off-premise chain call?


Q) Let’s assume that you are selling a small wine brand and not one of the well-known national brands to large chains like Costco or Wholefoods.

In your first call to the buyer, what points would you cover in your 5 minute pitch (if they have never heard about you)?


Adam’s Answer:

To begin with both retailers do localized sets in the US. In this case if the wine brand has a local connection you start with that right off the bat. There’s already a built in customer base in the area. So, a Whole Foods in Marin County (north of SF) would make a Marin County Wine or a Sonoma County wine more desirable to look at than say a Temecula wine for that location.


In the same token a Costco in Temecula or Livermore CA would carry (and does carry) local wines from those wine regions (Temecula and Livermore respectively) in their store specific sets. So, point # 1 would be does it have a local tie in [...] Continue and Upgrade To Gold >>