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Comprehensive information about German wines: Calendar of events, recipes, grape varieties, regions, Enology and updates.

The Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI, or German Wine Institute) is the German wine industry's marketing organization responsible for the generic promotion of the quality and sales of German wine domestically and abroad.

Among other things, this includes press work and public relations; implementation of PR and informative campaigns as well as appropriate events; organization of and participation in trade fairs and exhibitions as well as supporting participation in trade fairs and exhibitions; publishing and dissemination of advertising and informative materials; conducting training programs and seminars; conducting market research; and keeping the wine industry informed.


At this time, some 40 men and women, under the leadership of the managing director, work in the interest of German wine at the wine institute’s headquarters on Gutenbergplatz in Mainz. In addition, there are several “Information Bureaus for German Wine” in the most important export markets.

Overall, the wine institute’s work is carried out by four horizontally linked departments.

The communication department, directed by Frank Schulz, is the central contact point for all questions related to German wine. Initial contact for domestic and foreign journalists is the press section, headed by Ernst Büscher. The advertising and market research section, headed by Eberhard Abele, handles the coordination of advertising measures; the production of advertising and informative materials; and domestic and foreign market research. The online and internal communication section is currently “under construction.”

The marketing department, directed by Steffen Schindler, develops marketing concepts for the domestic and foreign markets, as well as coordinates and implements appropriate measures. In 2010, the wine institute has 10 external “information bureaus” (Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA).

The department that handles cooperation with the wine trade and hospitality industry develops concepts and measures relevant to these branches. This includes the ongoing and further development of the training programs and seminars offered by the wine institute.

The administration/central services department, directed by Jens Schneider, handles all matters related to finances and personnel; monitors contributions to the German Wine Fund; procures wines for and maintains the wine institute’s cellar stocks; and takes care of internal services (telecommunication, incoming and outgoing mail, etc.).

Legal Status

The German Wine Institute is part of a network working on behalf of the interests of the German wine industry. Its business operations are supervised by the Deutscher Weinfonds (DWF, or German Wine Fund).

The German Wine Fund was established as a legal entity under public law in the federal German wine law of 29 August 1961. It is supported by the wine industry and subject to the statutory supervision of the Federal Ministry for Nutrition, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. Today, it is subject to the current stipulations of the German wine law.

The German Wine Institute was founded in 1949 as a privately operated initiative, a legal entity comparable with a PLC (public limited company – or in German, GmbH) under the name “Deutsche Weinwerbung” (German Wine Promotion). Today’s associates include the German Wine-growers’ Association/Bonn, the Association of German Wine-growers’ Cooperatives /Bonn, the Association of German Wineries (large, commercial wineries)/Trier, the German wine specialty trade, and the German Wine Fund.


The highest authority of the German Wine Fund is the administrative board. It consists of 44 members: 18 representatives of wine-growers and cooperatives; 8 representatives of the regional wine promotion boards; 8 representatives of other wine-related organizations; and 10 representatives from the marketing and consumer branches. Fundamental decisions affecting the German Wine Institute are made at the annual meeting. The day-to-day business of the German Wine Fund and the German Wine Institute is handled by a member of the board of the German Wine Fund and/or the managing director of the German Wine Institute.

The German Wine Fund and the German Wine Institute are actively involved in the coordination of generic promotion as prescribed by law. The coordination of regional and multiregional measures by Deutsche Weinwerbe GmbH (promotional materials management company) is synergetically and financially efficient. As a partner of the Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA, or German Wine Academy), the German Wine Institute substantially supports the academy’s scientific research that pursues the development of legal and social key data related to the themes “wine and society,” “wine and health,” and “wine and quality of life.” The German Wine Academy collects and assesses data, promotes scientific research, and disseminates its findings in various ways.

Promotion of Quality

Promoting the quality of the wines of Germany’s 13 wine-growing regions by supporting quality competitions and scientific research is a major contribution to marketing. This also includes fostering fair competition and the protection of certain native wine designatons domestically and abroad.

More information can be found on Deutsches Weininstitut website.



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