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Pernod Ricard appoints BCI as US Exclusive Importer for Iconic Suze brand


Continuing its impressive growth as an importer of authentic, artisanal spirits and beverages to the U.S. market, Texas’ BCI has been named the new, exclusive importer of Pernod Ricard’s iconic French Aperitif brand Suze for the United States beginning July 1, 2021.

When first introduced to the retail market, Suze, created in 1889, received immediate acclaim among beverage professionals and media, with leading food and beverage magazine Bon Appetit proclaiming at the time, “This is the summer of Suze.” Acquiring exclusive importation of this popular brand by Pernod Ricard is a major addition for BCI, an importer and creative brand builder of speciality wine and spirits owned by French-born Houstonians Jean-Francois and Nathalie Bonneté.

“We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with BCI for our iconic Suze brand from July 1st in the U.S. market,” says Simon de Beauregard, global director of French aperitifs at Pernod Ricard. “Our ambition is to strongly accelerate the current growth of Suze and make it a leading aperitif brand in the United States.”

“We are very excited to welcome Suze in our portfolio of terroir brands at BCI and continue expanding our partnership with the Pernod Ricard group,” says Jean-Francois Bonneté President-CEO of BCI. “Suze is an iconic brand that already has an established and growing base in the U.S. market. We know that based on the current consumerism, market trends and our passion and know-how for brand building, we have a great opportunity to exponentially grow the exposure, footprint and volume of this fantastic brand in the U.S. market.”

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