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Grow Your Distribution, Build Your Brand, and Sell More Cases. Here's What Is Included In Your Plan.

Featured Brand page

BTN Creates a Presentation of Your Brand For Importers and Distributors

We start by creating a stunning presentation for your brand with the focus on importers and distributors. Your brand feature page is created by our team and acts as a landing page for prospective importers and distributors to explore your brand. The cost to design the page is included in your set up fee. Please click on the below links to see some of our recent examples of BTN Sales clients:
Bird Wines, New Zealand: Birdx Wines wanted to expand its distribution in the USA.
ViQua, Malaysia: ViQua wanted to expand its distribution globally with a focus on New Zealand, Australia, and the USA.
Big Peat, USA: Big Peat was already imported in the USA and wanted to expand into other states.
Beelgara Wines, Australia: Beelgara wines is part of Wine Australia Initiative that Beverage Trade Network and Wine Australia USA is working on to help Beelgara grow internationally.

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We will prepare a professional Sales Deck for your brand.

All the materials below are prepared for your set up fee. We encourage building new presentations to get better conversions. If you do not need new sales materials, set up fee will not be charged and will be waived.

  • Sell Sheet
  • Powerpoint Presentation: Well crafted presentation will be prepared for you that you can use to pitch importers and distributors.
  • Distributor and Importer's Support Sheet
  • 1 Hour Of Free Consultation on BTN to overview current sales materials
  • BTN will craft 20 tweets, facebook posts, instagram posts and other social media material and send you for your approval that will be used all year round.
Featured Brand page

All year round digital media push in trade

BTN team will craft trade messages using today's platforms to help you get more digital impressions.

Let us help your brand reach trade using social media. Engage with trade consumers and drive brand momentum on social. Our objective will be to get trade attention to your featured page driving you more leads. IncreaIncreaseown social following with our help.

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Other benefits of being a BTN Enterprise customer.

You will also get the below benefits with your BTN enterprise plan.

Featured Brand page

Outbound Sales

Build a strong pipeline of sales with BTN's telemarketing efforts and accelerate your sales cycle by generating qualified and targeted leads.

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BTN Annual Membership Included.

Your BTN premium membership is included in your annual BTN Sales Plan.

  • Full Access to all Premium Articles.
  • Grow Your Network By Connecting With Consultants.
  • Generate Leads By Getting Priority Listing in Brands listing.
  • Contact Importers and Distributors.
Featured Brand page

Focus is to connect you with Importers and Distributors

The main focus of this plan is to help you grow distribution. With our ROI promise, you can be assured that we will help you grow distribution. BTN will use different channels to generate importers' and distributors' interest and send you the prospective leads for follow up. Unlike brokers and consulting firms, we do not take any commissions on deals closed or purchase orders raised.

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Reporting and Lead Management

Get full access to the BTN Sales dashboard. Use of the dashboard enables you to:

  • Manage all of your leads
  • View the no. of times your featured presentation is viewed
  • View the no. of times your Selling Leads are viewed
  • Manage all of your CRM notes.

Our goal is to make your experience as easy as possible, so you can measure your brand’s performance and see your ROI first hand. The Enterprise ROI Promise is to get you 80 leads.

Give us your brand for 12 months and we challenge you that we will beat your own sales process at an unbelievably low price. Schedule an appointment with BTN and we will go through the plan and pricing and how it works.

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 Anestasia Vodka


We expanded our distribution in six states in USA in just 6 months, thanks to BTN.

Steve Bird / Bird Wines, New Zealand

BTN is our sales arm that works 24/7 and 365 days helping us expand out distribution globally.

Twigs Wines / Argentina