Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

WINEHOURS PTE LTD - 1976 Winehours LLC

  • Category: Wine Importer

  • Country: Singapore

  • Date:16/08/2020

WINEHOURS.COM corporation is a wholesale and a site for wine lovers to shop, attend events, meet up with others, wine group buy and wine club. Wine Online Retail Singapore and Fast Delivery is our #1 Service in Singapore. Our Vision is to build a community of wine lovers who have a passion to discover and better understand their preferences and to share their wine experiences with family and friends. Wine is not a product, it is an essential element of a refine life. We are dedicated to helping our clients enrich their lives by enjoying high quality, globally sourced wines tailored to their tastes and preferences, and offered at competitive prices. Wine hours provides US cult wines selection, retail online shop, wholesale, importer and exporter in S. East Asia, plus France and Italy selection are available too. Our services include wine event, wine tour and tasting and wine club. Full Free delivery services and free wine consultation is available. Our value is Quality of wines in temperature control storage and guarantee in a good condition.

We offer our extensive wine expertise and assist our clients find the finest wines that are optimally suited to their tastes and to offer them at attractive prices. Our goal for each client is to aid them in building personalized and custom curated cellars of wines they enjoy for themselves and are proud to share with family and friends.

We carefully select and showcase our suppliers wines to our world-wide client base so that expanded market demand will be driven by clients who are knowledgeable in the quality and experience your wines bring to them.

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

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