Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

The Karoo Prick Co.

  • Category: Spirits Wholesaler

  • Country: South Africa

  • Date:30/07/2021

A new craft gin taking your taste buds on a Karoo road trip. Take a minute to learn about our Prickly Pear Gin.

Presenting to the consumer a more fun and easy drinking local Gin that rivals your traditional London Dry! "A uniquely pleasant Gin". Only distilled with the finest and natural ingredients! Tasting notes: ‘Quintessential Karoo- A not-so-dry, fruit forward juicy sweet Gin reminiscent of bubblegum and hard boiled watermelon candy.’ Nose: intensely fruity and watermelon candy liquor Palette: not as sweet as expected (or feared) with a juicy fresh fruity floral intensity that fills the palette. Finish: crisp and clean Definitely not trying be like the usual serious gins on your shelves, this product attracts immediate attention with the colours inspired from the sweet kitsch feel of (mostly) bygone Karoo local shops. The wood display box is a big hit for those looking for a unique gift or something that will stand out on their shelf (you can serve without removing the bottle from the box, sooo clever :)

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

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