Sommeliers Choice Awards 2024 Winners

Lowe Imports LLC

  • Category: Spirits Importer

  • Country: United States

  • Date:18/06/2020

Lowe Imports LLC, is an African American company that produces its own Premium independent brand of cognac, Rayon Cognac XO. This exciting limited edition offering is the first for the Lowe Imports brand, which is focused on opening the minds, hearts and experiences of connoisseurs to a promising new lineup of future high end cognac.

Lowe Imports, LLC ("Lowe") was established as an Ohio limited liability company in June of 2009 by founder Rayshawn Lowe. The original intent and purpose of the company was act as an independent and exclusive distributor of a yet to introduced cognac into the U.S. market. However, after years of research and soul searching, we ultimately decided to follow our hearts and deep desire to focus on opening the minds, experiences and opportunities through premium cognac offerings. We decided to find the best French cognac producer, master cellar and operations that meet our values, quality expectations, customer focus and our company vision.

Our Vision: Continuously introduce age old premium cognac traditions to new markets and geographies, one bottle at a time creating unparalleled experiences.

We are committed to this vision and will continuously press on to deliver on our commitment. Just try us, you may just fall in love with a new experience!

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2024 Winners

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