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Primos Gin


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Primos Gin won Bronze Award in London Spirits Competition 2019. Our Crisp Citron Gin is one of the best product in South Africa. We are looking forward to expand our reach around the London markets.

In Spanish, primos means cousins. In Italian, primo means first. This intriguing combination makes it the perfect name for a lemon-fermented gin that’s the first of its kind in South Africa, expertly crafted by two cousins: Marnus and Rossouw Kruger.

Marnus and Rossouw grew up exploring the land together on neighbouring citrus farms outside Hoedspruit, 20kms from the Kruger National Park  in South Africa’s lush Limpopo province. As third generation citrus farmers, their families have been perfecting the art of growing grapefruit, oranges and lemons for decades. Surrounded by this juicy, vibrant bounty, they took some of the lemons they’d harvested and did something completely unexpected: they decided to make gin.

In this way, Primos Gin is all about roots. It’s about the gnarled roots of our lemon trees bringing forth fruit. It’s about the roots of our families intertwining to build strength. Most of all, it’s about binding all these roots together to produce a gin that’s utterly original and completely delicious.

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