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A group of wineries that shares the same passion for excellence and quality in their wine areas. A team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the Food & Beverage industry that manages their export department. Oenologists  and expert Sommliers collaborate with us for the section of the wineries.

Our superb products have an excellent value for money and reflect the current wishes of the modern consumer.

Exhibited wines at International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show, UK 2018 for private label and bulk. Contact us for more details.

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New York City Based Sales Team

Tastes Brands provides sales support to craft distillers that want to sell their brands in New York City. We provide boots to the street, to get your product placed in liquor stores, bars and restaurants. 

For brands that already have brand ambassadors and still need support, we also provide tools to boost sales. 

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100% Estate Malbec

100% Estate Malbec from Boutiqeu producer. Medium body with amazing acidity and refreshing, easy to drink, extremly aromatic and unoaked.

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