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New South African Dry Craft Gin - funds hospitality-industry bursaries through sales!!

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Each variant has been developed using the expertise of industry specialists and guaranteed to satisfy every type of gin lover with the range of Spiced, Elderflower and Citrus using natural ingredients. Each can be enjoyed on its own with ice, with your favourite tonic or mixed in short or tall cocktails. Share of sales goes towards funding bursaries for talented individuals in order to drive growth within the industry. Full product details below and retail at USD24/750ml at 43% alc. vol. (can be amended to 40% if required). 

1. Smiths™ Spice South African Dry Craft Gin takes a twist on the concept of spice and delivers a new, first to market and strong marsala-like flavour from nose to finish. The London Dry method is used to establish the distinct juniper-forward gin flavour beautifully paired with the secret spice blend of natural and locally sourced ingredients.

2. Elderflower has gained popularity as a cordial/tonic in the making of gin based drinks. For the first time in South Africa it has been distilled along with other florals in Smiths™ Elderflower South African Dry Craft Gin.

3. Our third gin, Smiths™ Citrus South African Dry Craft Gin is a zesty and refreshing gin option that takes orange, grapefruit and lemon to the next level with a strong juniper flavour to balance the full palette. Using only fresh ingredients, this gin is reminiscent of a cooling lemonade with a kick of juniper.

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