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Information on Bulk Wine and Bulk Wine Producers

Bulk Wine Sourcing

Bulk WineBeverageTradeNetwork.com is one of the worlds biggest platform to source bulk wine.

With over hundreds of wineries listed to provide bulk wine and private label contract bottling to brand owners, you as a buyer can source all your bulk wine requests with ease.

Our platform and Buying Lead system is to assist world bulk wine buyers to find and design their wine according their price and quality requirements.

BTN bulk wine sourcing provides the world's principal buyers with an opportunity to post their requirement infront of thousands of producers.

Below we list some one the leading bulk wine broker companies and bulk wine producers.

Turrentine Brokerage is dedicated to helping the California wine business by supplying accurate information about supply trends and by providing win/win negotiations.

The company works with most of the wineries in California, as well as with wineries in other states and with foreign purchasers of California wines. Turrentine Brokerage also assists many of the state’s leading grape growers in marketing their grapes.

After 36 years with the Wine Institute and as head of the Wine Advisory Board, Dan C. Turrentine founded Turrentine Brokerage in 1973 to serve the wineries and growers of California.

Dan’s son, Bill Turrentine, joined the company in 1977 and is now Chairman of the Board. List of Bulk Wine Availibility

Ciatti Global Wine and Grape Brokers

CiattiThe Ciatti Company specializes in brokering bulk wines, and uses this expertise and knowledge to be the world's largest wine brokerage company.

They use our local and global knowledge and extensive network to bring growers, suppliers and end-users together. With eight offices located around the world representing all major wine growing countries, we can offer global supply solutions to an extremely diverse international client base.

They have built strong relationships with all of the world's major wine companies. We are recognized internationally for reliable information and extensive bulk wine inventories, in both volume and quality. Read their 2013 Bulk Wine Market Report and also find more reports here.

Malesco Wine Company (Focus Is Australian Bulk Wine)

Malesco established in 1994, has been servicing the international wine industry since inception.

Our relationship with international wineries, importers and distributors is highly regarded, and we continue to service more markets each year. Wine brokerage, marketing support, and export promotion of primarily Australian producers. Co brand specialists for private label buyers. Bulk wine traders. Portfolio builders for buyers of Australian wine

One stop market and advice for the best wines for your region.

Malesco publishes The Wine Register for bulk wines sales. Submissions will be coded for confidentiality of the buyer and seller, and Malesco will apply a brokerage fee to all sales.  Malesco which is an acronym for my name marklestercohen was established in 1983. 

O'Neill Vintners

O'Neill Vintners is one of the largest producers of California bulk wine in the United States. Our unique production platform and winemaking approach enable us to produce a full range of varietals and wine styles – each tailored to meet the specific needs of the end customer. Featuring one of the most modern wineries in the Central Valley, O'Neill is strategically positioned to supply high-quality table, dessert and blending wines for our customers throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. 

CVI Bulk Wines

cvi bulk wineCalifornia is known as one of the world’s premiere wine growing regions. The combination of soils, climate and growing conditions allow the fruit to develop great varietal character and balance. This fruit makes for the best bulk wine in the country. California winemaking regulations are the strictest in the business, exceeding that of Federal requirements. State law requires that 100% of the grapes used in the wine be grown in California for it to be classified as “California Wine”. Some states allow up to 35% water and sugar to be added to their wines, which causes the wine to be diluted, less in price, but lacking in flavor. 

Wahluke Wine Company

Wahluke Wine Company typically has an array of different wines available for sale, either to be shipped in bulk to another winery for bottling, or for bottling at Wahluke Wine Company. There is a 2000 gallon minimum for wine purchase, and the only vessels filled are 250 gallon totes, portable tanks, or tanker trucks. The price per gallon is determined by the volume purchased. Below is a list of our currently wines. Please note that while this list is updated on a regular basis, availability is subject to change. To request a sample or inquire about any of these wines, please contact us for details. Included in the price per gallon is a guarantee of heat and cold stability, but not filtration. “Bottle Ready” filtration can be included at an additional charge. 

Premier Wine Blends

A large network of wineries & vineyards. We will locate the wine or grapes that best match your style and the image of your winery.
We know it can be hard finding premium bulk wine sources you can trust. Whether it’s happened to you or someone else, you know a tank of wine can be ruined by contamination, hot temperatures, oxidization, vinegarization, or by old residual wine left in the tank. 

Premier Wine Blends has its finger on the pulse of high quality bulk wine available at any given time in Texas, California, the South and Mid-West. Over many years, we have developed relationships with an extensive portfolio of wineries of the highest integrity. We test all of the wines prior to purchase and upon receipt, insuring the wine matches the already agreed upon samples. 

Winery Exchange

Winery Exchange is the only full-service private brand beverage alcohol company that sources beer, wine and spirits from the finest regions worldwide.

Winery Exchange currently:
• Supplies over 300 different products to retailers and consumers globally
• Produces product in 22 countries on 5 different continents
• Ships product to 16 countries in Asia, Europe, Australasia and North America

Winery Exchange develops high-performing private brands for retailers around the world. Our retail partners include Supervalu, Kroger, Costco, Delhaize Group, Tesco, Fresh & Easy, Cost Plus, Whole Foods, BEK, H-E-B and Sainsbury. 

Other relevant information and resources on Bulk Wine that may interest you:

The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show (IBWSS) is an annual trade show and conference, open to trade professionals only, which takes place in San Francisco, CA. IBWSS will give wineries, importers, supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, distilleries and other buyers a premiere international platform to source bulk wine and spirits and meet private label suppliers. 

The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show is aimed primarily at:

- Wineries in the bulk wine market that are seeking new markets for export.
- The principal buyers of bulk wine worldwide, Wine brokers, dealers, business agents.

Learn more about The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show


Private Label Wine Strategy For Growth

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One of the greatest challenges for foreign wineries, breweries or spirit brands these days in the U.S. market is to find a point of entry.

BTN writes on how wineries, breweries or beverage brand owners can grow their wine, liquor or beer distribution.

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probulkwineProbulkwine is a team of Highly skilled wine blenders at your service. Your sales will show the difference.

Passionate, professional and trustworthy, we are a group of enthusiastic winemakers and agronomists, determined to be a part of the wine world's market incredible transformation of the last 20 years. Based in Chile and Argentina, of different nationalities and cultures, our common interest is our love for wine. Bringing together strategic information of the wine market and highly skilled oenologists, we have created this unique concept of quality bulk wine sourcing from Chile and Argentina.

Growers Wine Group (Bulk Wine Supplier For Australian Wines)


With over 100 years of winemaking history, Growers Wine Group is the 15th largest winery in Australia by crush and one of the largest privately owned vineyard holders within South Australia.

Located in the Riverland South Australia, just one hour from the famous Barossa Valley, we have over 3,300 acres of planted vineyard. All grapes are crushed and made into bulk entry and mid-level wines in our own state of the art winery. Our interest is in filling buyers own brand. Our point of difference to other Australian wineries is that we do not compete on the shelf with any of our own brands. Whilst we specialize in bulk flexi containers we can also offer packaged product services.

Some questions about bulk wine labelling and ownership (Source TTB)

What are the rules for transfer of unlabeled bottled wine?

TTB has received inquires about the transfer, labeling, recordkeeping and taxpayment of unlabeled bottled wine (sometimes called “shiners”).

When unlabeled bottled wine is transferred among two or more bonded wine premises for aging or labeling, the bottler must provide a copy of the approved Application For And Certification/Exemption of Label/Bottle Approval (COLA) TTB Form 5100.31 under which the wine was bottled. The transfer in bond record which accompanies the wine must be accurate and specific, and the label information record for the wine must fully support any claims made on the label to be affixed to the wine. Learn more

What are the responsibilities of the Producer?

The producer of the wine must ensure that the transfer in bond record required by 27 CFR 24.309 contains accurate and specific label information for all bulk wine shipped in bond (or taxpaid) to another premises for bottling. This allows the bottler to apply for a COLA and ensures that the product label is correct.

What are the responsibilities of the Bottler?

The bottler obtains a COLA which can be substantiated by the transfer record which accompanied the wine from the producer. Unless the wine will be bottled at a taxpaid wine bottling house, the bottler will make sure that the wine to be bottled is received and maintained on bonded (not taxpaid) premises. The bottler maintains records in accordance with 27 CFR 24.308. Read all FQA's on Bulk Wine on TTB website for US Market.

If you are a winery and looking to offer bulk wine sales, please register your company in our bulk wine trade directory. If you are a buyer and looking to source bulk wine or private label wine, post your buying requirement here (Buying Lead).