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Sid Patel

Sid Patel , CEO, Beverage Trade Network

What Wineries and Distilleries Can Do In The Next 60 Days

COVID 19: What Wineries and Distilleries Can Do In Next 60 Days, hosted by Sid Patel, CEO of Beverage Trade Network, a leading USA based drinks media platform which organizers more than 16 events around the world and owns media assets and platforms will be giving a detailed action plan webinar on how wineries and distilleries can ride this wave. The webinar will also be based on the recent survey that Beverage Trade Network is doing globally.

Sid will be listing out ways how we wineries and distilleries can face it and come on the winning side once Covid-19 subsides. In the webinar, you will get 15 takeaways you can start working on today to navigate this time. You will also be shown the current risks, so you can prepare your winery for that.

A must-do course with real plans and what you need to do.