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IGT Red Tuscan

ciliegiolo 60% Cannaiolo 20% Malvasia nera 20%

south-south west exposure, mainly galestro

grapes are hand-harvested in the first half of October and put into small 18 kg crates; after picking they are immediately taken to the winery for processing

cordon-trained/spur-pruned, organic-mineral fertilisers. Copper and sulphur spraying, manual and mechanical weeding.

Immediately after harvesting, the grapes are de-stemmed and left to macerate on a layer of grape skins in small concrete tanks for periods of up to 40 days. Fermentation is started off with the aid of indigenous ‘wild’ yeasts and during this stage the grapes are pressed manually twice a day (natural ambient temperature). Once maceration is completed, the wine in each tank is ‘racked’ or drawn off separately, the grape-skins are pressed and the wine is allowed to rest for two/three nights in concrete vats before being transferred subsequently to the clay pots, where malolactic fermentation takes place and where it will be left to age for 12 months. It should be stressed that throughout the entire vinification process constant attention is paid to maintaining low levels of sulphites and that the natural properties of the grapes are fully respected both in the winery and the vineyard.

12 months in clay pots, then 6 months in the bottle

Intense ruby red colour with elegant purple highlights. Notes of cherry and violets, correctly tannic, with persistent sensations of fruit. Well-balanced and soft on the palate. An authentic wine with a genuine age-old flavour.


classic Bordeaux bottle

Vegetable pies, tagliolini pasta with rabbit ragout, main courses of white meat roasts. Serve at 16/18 c°

Full Product Specifications

Date Created: 30/10/2018
Product Name: Acquanera
Product Type: Wine
Country of origin: Italy
Stock available: On request
Price per unit US$: 9.00
Price per unit €: On request
Alc. Vol %: 13.00
Format: 750ml

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My name is Alessio Petito, I have created Apebeverage two years ago; I\'m here to propose the small but fantastic farms that i directly represent, they all need a partner who can help them to develop their business outside Italy. The most of the farms come from Lazio, the Region of Rome, where wine has been produced for thousands of years, this a blessed terrain to produce high quality wine. Lazio is really becoming a cult area for producing wine. Rome has even one of the eleven trappist beer in the world, Birra Tre Fontane, i would really like you to taste this beer!! I also represent two incredible farms from Tuscany: Padelletti 1571, one of the most ancient Brunello producers, easely considered among the best 5 in Montalcino, and Quercia Grossa, natual wine farmer who produce amazing wines with with about 0,1 of sulphur. Very close to Tuscany, on the opposite side of central Italy there are Marche, where PiantateLunghe produces an outstanding Rosso Conero Riserva. Moving to the south of Italy i represent a very good winery from Sicily, Barone Sergio, precisely from Pachino, inside the Eloro DOC, the traditional area of Nero d\'Avola, but they are also able to produce a structured and fragant Grillo, and an unbelivable Passito. In Calabria, just a little bit further north, i propose Cantine Viola and their delicious Moscato di Saracena; they also produce beer, the name of the brewery is DeAlchemia, distinguishable thanks to their packaging. The last farmer i wonna talk about is Casalu wine, a fresh and performing Amarone producer, from Verona, in the traditional area of Valpolicella. LAZIO - CANTINE IMPERATORI, Frascati, Rome Wines: Cesanese Cabernet Sauvignon Viognier Verdicchio Grappa: Grappa stravecchia Oil: - LE ROSE, Velletri, Rome Wines: Colle dei Marmi Artemisia Emma Tre Armi Bianco Tre Armi Rosso La Faiola Bianco La Faiola Rosso Passito Ultimo - CASALE CENTO CORVI, Cerveteri, Rome Wines: file attached Distillates: Brandy di Trebbiano Grappa di Giacchè - LA FERRIERA, Atina, Frosinone!/home Wines: Ferrato!/ferrato Dorato!/dorato Realmagona!/realmagona Realmagona Riserva!/realmagona_riserva Rosato!/rosato RealMagona Sparkling!/sparklingwine - ANTONELLA PACCHIAROTTI, Grotte di Castro, Viterbo Wines: Piandistelle Matee Cavarosso Turan Butuni - Abbazia Tre Fontane, Rome TOSCANA - Padelletti 1571, Montalcino, Siena File attached - Quercia Grossa, Serrastrada, Grossetto file attached MARCHE - PIANTATE LUNGHE, Ancona Wines: File attached SICILIA - BARONE SERGIO, Pachino, Siracusa Wines: Sergio Verdo Suli Alegre Passito Kaluri is attached CALABRIA - CANTINE VIOLA, Saracena, Cosenza Wines: Rosso Viola Bianco Margherita Moscato saracena Passito Grappe: Grappa di Moscato - DE ALCHEMIA, Saracena, Cosenza Anime Schizophrenic Cuore di tenebra Ma Boheme VENETO - CASALU WINE, Montecchia di Crosara, Verona(Valpolicella) Wines: Amarone Ripasso Garganega Prosecco

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