Boot Hill Distillery-Bourbon Whiskey

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Time and patience bring you a Kansas Bourbon worthy of the Boot Hill name. Boot Hill Bourbon Whiskey is pot-distilled from a high-wheat mash bill of 51% corn and 49% hard red winter wheat. Hot, dry summers, bitter cold winters, and the obstinate Kansas wind all do the rest. What emerged from the barrel after aging exceeded our expectations with notes of caramel, fruit, and spice. Our Bourbon is bottled at 90 proof (45% abv) for the ideal balance of flavor and heat.


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Date Created: 20/01/2021
Product Name: Boot Hill Distillery-Bourbon Whiskey
Product Type: Whisky
Country of origin: United States
Stock available: On request
Price per unit US$: 25.00
Price per unit €: On request
Alc. Vol %: 45.00
Format: 750ml

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Boot Hill Distillery, LLC

Boot Hill Distillery is owned by Roger and Hayes Kelman of Sublette, Kan. These two farmers produce every single grain that Boot Hill Distillery uses to craft our world-class spirits. Our spirits are truly from soil to sip. From the moment the seed goes into the soil to the moment you pour our spirits into your glass, we've had full control over the final product, ensuring that every single bottle that you purchase from us is the highest-quality spirit available anywhere in the world. Each of our spirits is distilled in 500 gallon batches, carefully crafted from growth to harvest to milling to mashing to fermentation to distilling to bottling. We utilize a custom-crafted pot still/two column setup to ensure that every spirit is crafted for maximum drinkability, while still being a wholly unique product of Dodge City.

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