Artemis Premium Australian Baijiu

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Artemis "Goddess" Single Malt Traditional Baijiu hand-crafted from the co-fermentation of Sorghum and Australian single malt with natural spring water and our unique wild yeast - jiǔqū 酒曲- and carefully distilled to create our unique Australian style.with a flavour and style that is appreciated by the Chinese connoisseur, who cherish this very important traditional and famous Baijiu style.

Alcohol: 52%

Grainy, sweet complex malt aromas combined with warm balanced alcohol with a long elegant and intense malt finish on the palate.

Our Traditional Baijiu exhibits complex sweet floral, dried herb, spice and delicate fungal aromas with a rich and balanced long lasting palate. 

The alcohol is warm and harmoniously balanced. Made from premium Australian Sorghum and Single malt.

Our aromatic white spirit Baijiu will develop slowly in a cool cellar.

Full Product Specifications

Date Created: 14/08/2019
Product Name: Artemis Premium Australian Baijiu
Product Type: Other
Country of origin: Australia
Stock available: On request
Price per unit US$:
Price per unit €: On request
Alc. Vol %: 52.00
Format: 500ml

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Southern Highlands Brewing

Established in 2016, our brewery is located in the picturesque rural setting of Australia’s Southern Highlands. At an altitude of 700m the region is renowned for clear air, clean water, rolling green hills, grand country estates and artisan producers. It’s also home to thousands of Eastern Grey Kangaroos, providing inspiration for our Southern Highlands Brewing logo. At Southern Highlands Brewing we believe in combining the best of local malt, hops and our pure highland water to carefully produce small-batch, hand-crafted brews. We take pride in our people, our region and in authentically brewing fine Australian beer with a distinctly local flavour.

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