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The world’s ONLY scientifically proven relaxation shot!

miniCHILL® is the world’s only relaxation beverage with published peer-reviewed scientific research backing its effectiveness. Stevenson Products utilized health experts including Dr. Benjamin S. Weeks to formulate miniCHILL®. Together, we worked closely to first isolate and then combine the four most proven nutraceuticals known for stress relief and mental focus. We avoided the controversial sleep hormone melatonin because it DOES NOT belong in relaxation drinks. Stevenson Products understands the fundamental difference between relaxing and sleeping.

miniCHILL® was created as the answer to todays fast paced over caffeinated world. We are constantly exposed to environmental stressors and consume too much caffeine. It’s in coffee, soda, energy drinks and even many foods we eat. See for yourself why everyone from mainstream media to grass roots bloggers love miniCHILL®. It is guaranteed to improve your day or your money back!

Why It Works
Doctor formulated1 supported with published medical study2
Natural blend of herbs & aminos scientifically proven to enhance mood & focus while relaxing the mind & body without causing drowsiness
Delicious, 0 Calories, 0 Sugar, 0 Caffeine, 0 Melatonin

Why It Sells
75% of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month3
Relaxation is the "fastest growing beverage category"4
Broad target market (Male & Female; 18-65)
Comprehensive web presence including SEO, YouTube & Facebook initiatives, flawless BLOG reviews & Viral campaigns
High margins per square inch, just place at counter and it sells itself!

Spec sheet

Date Created: 12/12/2012

Product Name: miniChill

Appelation: USA

Variety: Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Country of origin: United States

Stock available: 10000

Price per unit US$: On request

Price per unit €: On request

Production year: 2012

Alc. Vol %: n/d

Format: 2 fl oz (59 ml)

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