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Episode 02 : Growing Your Bulk Wine Business - Steve Dorfman

Bulk and Private Label


In this episode, Sid chats with Steve Dorfman of the Ciatti and discusses how wineries can maximize bulk wine profits and the business of bulk wine.

Ciatti is the largest and the most comprehensive bulk wine, juice and grape brokerage in the world moving approximately 500 million litres of wine every year.

They also discuss the names of leading bulk wine buyers in US market wineries that can pay attention to.

“We make much less than we drink” – Steve Dorfman

00:40 About Steve Dorfman, Wine Brokerage Companies and Ciatti
04:04 Solutions to excess bulk wine volumes
09:31 Opportunities for the maximum profit for US Wineries
10:35 Major bulk wine buyers for the US market
15:41 Olive Gardens of the World! Are they worth it for private labeling?
19:44 Steve, Ciatti, and China Wine Overview
23:30 Grape Varietals in 2020
26:31 Top 3 Countries with Massive Wine Demands
28:24 Retailers wineries can pay attention to


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