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Winery Releases Sauvignon Blanc Aged in Ex- Tequila Barrels



Based in Napa, Cooper & Thief cellarmaster Jeff Kasavan drew inspiration from the success of his first Red Blend aged in bourbon barrels to explore how spirits barrel aging could enrich the flavors of a white wine.

Ageing the Sauvignon Blanc for three months in ex-tequila barrels, he said, gives it a “refreshing acidity and subtle heat, balancing citrus and spice with toasty vanilla flavors”, offering a nose of aromatic fruit characters “reminiscent of a fine blue agave Tequila”.

The new French oak barrels were sourced from Tequila distiller Casa Noble where they small batch age their Añejo expression for two years – a year more than most Añejo expressions.

The winery’s red blend is made from 38% Merlot. 37% Syrah. 11% Zinfandel. 7% Petite Sirah. 4% Cabernet Sauvignon. 3% Other Red Blenders, and is aged for three months in ex-bourbon barrels.

It’s latest barrel-based experiment, a Sauvignon Blanc will be released ahead of Cinco de Mayo, and is pitched at “Tequila lovers seeking an alternative to sugary margaritas.”

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