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With skeptical buyers saturated by media like never before, brands need to make strategic decisions regarding how it presents itself in order for promotional messages to stand out and reach prospects in a compelling way. All brands need attentive and comprehensive marketing services to: ● Cultivate a unique brand to distinguish itself from its competitors ● Analyze what others are doing in the industry to find out what’s working and what’s not, and use that insight to its fullest advantage ● Reach new customers using a combination of online and offline techniques Without putting a system in place to assure it reaches new customers using every tool at its disposal, brands leave its long-term profitability to chance in an overwhelmingly competitive market.

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11-20 Years

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AU Consultant Country: Australia

Countries covered: Array
Current product line: Wine;Spirits;Beverages;Non Alc Drinks
Looking for new: Wine;Spirits;Beverages;Non Alc Drinks
Target customers: Distributors;On-Premise Retailers;Off-Premise Retailers;National and Large Chains;Airlines and Cruises
Compensation method: Base + Commission

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En Consultant Country:

Countries covered: FR,GB,IT,NL,BE,ES,DE,LU,IN,PT,IE,PL,
Current product line: Wine;Beers
Looking for new: Wine;Beers
Target customers: Distributors;On-Premise Retailers;Off-Premise Retailers
Compensation method: Base Salary

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CA Consultant Country: Canada

Countries covered: CA,US,
Current product line: Wine;Spirits;Beers
Looking for new: Spirits;Beers
Target customers: Distributors;On-Premise Retailers;Off-Premise Retailers;National and Large Chains;Government Stores and Accounts
Compensation method: Commision Based

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