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We specialize in craft beer, cider, spirits and wine industry with expertise in marketing, distribution, sales, and experiential events. We have 25 years of experience which includes 7 years with Britain's British Trade & Investment Office as their lead post on the US food and beverage industry and 15 years with one of the largest craft beer, cider and spirits distributors in the US. As a result, I have a keen understanding of how to motivate and manage this critical component within the US distribution channel. We've also called on a majority of the major US chains and have a masters degree in Marketing. We can, therefore, assist your clients with marketing plan creation, joint venture briefings, product presentations, market analysis, new product review/recommendations, sales plan creation, wholesaler motivation, product naming and packaging, special event selection, preparation, execution and follow up and much other marketing or sales needs. Lastly, We are the host of the podcast series, The Shinerunner Show ( which covers the topics of marketing, distribution, wholesaler relations & motivation, experiential events, sales incentives, and many other subjects. We also are the author of, "Craft Beer Marketing & Distribution - Brace for SKUmeggedon" found on Amazon:

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IN Consultant Country: India

Countries covered:
Current product line: Wine;Spirits;Beers
Looking for new: Wine;Spirits;Beverages;Beers
Target customers:
Compensation method: Base + Commission

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US Consultant Country: United States

Countries covered: US;AU;CN;HK;JP;NZ
Current product line: Wine;Spirits;Beverages;Non Alc Drinks
Looking for new: Wine;Spirits;Beverages;Non Alc Drinks
Target customers: Distributors;On-Premise Retailers;Off-Premise Retailers;National and Large Chains;Airlines and Cruises
Compensation method: Base + Commission

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