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New York International Spirits Competition 2020




They are pleased to invite your distillery to participate in our upcoming New York International Spirits Competition (NYISC). This international spirits competition will be held at the 3 West Club in the heart of New York City, across from Rockefeller Center.

The New York International Spirits Competition was the first competition to be founded in the International Beverage Competition Series. After its success, they were asked to replicate the competition in multiple countries, and have since expanded to include wine and beer competitions as well. What sets us apart from other international beverage competitions is our TRADE ONLY blind judging panel, and the spirits industry has continued to take notice as our competitions have grown. At our wine competition held here in New York City, the retail store buyer, sommelier, restaurant beverage director, hotelier, distributor and importer will be our judges. We feel that these judges, whose livelihood rely upon their skill set, truly know what the consumer wants, as they receive on a daily basis the feedback from the consumer of what is good and what will sell.

New York City is many things for different people.  One of its great attributes, besides being a food and travel destination, is that it is a talent-rich city with many nationally and internationally recognized beverage industry professionals living and working here.  It is also a media capital, and we work closely with our media sponsors to share our results on the local, national and international level. The New York International Spirits Competition is an opportunity like no other, and we hope that you’ll join them.

For further information: New York International Spirits Competition


Location & Dates

From: 05/04/2020
Up to: 05/04/2020
Location: 3 West Club, New York City, Rockefeller Center


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