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Karma Organic Agave Nectar is an all natural, certified organic and kosher product made from the hearts of matured agave plants in the highlands of Jalisco otherwise know as the Napa Valley of Mexico.We quarter the agaves and remove the bitter root before slow roasting in clay brick ovens for 16-24 hours. The finished nectar is 25% sweeter than simple sugar with the same amount of calories and due to the low glycemic index, a healthier alternative for diabetics. Some notable highlights of our agave nectar versus the competition is the complexity of flavors boasting up front honey with hints of molasses. Most other brands are not as prominent in profile and much thinner in texture. This product has a multitude of uses like baking, cooking or as an flavor enhancer for various foods also adding a sweet spark to your favorite cocktail. Karma Agave Nectar comes in a 24.3 ounce plastic bottle and 12 to a case. We can ship anywhere both national and internationally and offer multiple pallet discounts.‚Äč

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