From Georgia

Alc. Vol %:12.00


Price per unit US$13.00

Price per unit €:On request

Post Date31/07/2018


Vintage -2016

Color - deep ruby

Alcohol Content -12%

Khvanchkara is a single estate semi-sweet Georgian red wine made from the unique indigenous grape varietals, Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli. Produced at the Khvanchkara Winery since 1927 through ancient methods. It exhibits a deep ruby color, aromatic notes and a complex structure.

Food pairing: best served with meat.

Serving Temperature: +12-14 C

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We help customers find new wineries, support producers in their brands' promotion and success in new markets. With a special interest for artisan family wines, we promote non-organic, organic and biodynamic wines from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Armenia and Georgia in a multilingual business atmosphere. Seeking new brands and wine suppliers? We act as the first business contact for potential customers to provide them with with the information they need to make a decision as to cooperation. Just get in touch with us, expand your wine portfolio with all necessary information on the complete wine assortment, samples, certificates, technical data, dealer price-lists and discounts, terms and conditions, contacts to producers, etc., etc. No middle people, delays or hidden costs; with a good international experience we optimise business development in every possible way, while terms of cooperation are negotiated with producers and purchase contracts are signed directly with them. Excellent wines to any taste and wallet! Just taste them, and you will definitely come back again.

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