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Melvino = MEL from Melnik (the area where the wine is produced) + VINO in Bulgarian means wine


Red Wine Melvino (vintages 2015 & 2016) come primarily from a unique Bulgarian grape varietal called Early Melnik Vine. The sort of Early Melnik Grapevine is one-of-a-kind – on a global scale, it is only grown in the south-west of Bulgaria in the valley of the Struma River. Its unique features have been achieved by cross-fertilization of the Bulgarian sort Wide Melnik Grapevine and the French Valdiguie. The wine has ripened following a ‘No Oak’ maturing process. It has fermented in inox vessels at 28-30С where it has achieved its final touch and balance. Its color comes appealing, ruby red. Its flavor reminds of black cherry, ripe sour cherry, and berries, with some scents of stone fruit, condiments, and herbs. The taste is soft, fruity, and elegant. The final touch is delicious, leaving the taste of a cherry, nuts, and certain tobacco accents. LIQUOR RATE 14,5%,  BOTTLED VOLUME 0,75 L

Our vintage 2013 Red Wine is made from selected grapes from Early Melnik Grapevine / Melnik 55, Harvest 2013, obtained from the propriety vineyards of Melvino wine project in the vicinity of Melnik, Bulgaria. The wine has ripened following an original technology practiced at Sintica winery, Sandanski, Bulgaria; it has matured for 12 months, being kept in French oak-timber barrels. The oak enhances the strong content of the sort, tunes up into it and accounts for its long trailing. It is appropriately served with pork, veal, and game. It is recommended that prior to consumption the bottle is kept open for an hour, alternatively, the wine is to be decanted. LIQUOR RATE 14,5%, BOTTLED VOLUME 0,75 L

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Date Created: 29/11/2017
Product Name: MELVINO
Product Type: Wine
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Stock available: On request
Price per unit US$: 9.00
Price per unit €: On request
Alc. Vol %: 14.50
Format: 750ml

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SilMart Trading Ltd

Although most people have never heard of Bulgaria, we are proud of our small country and we love to talk about it. Bulgaria is a country with rich history and quality made products. Wine, mineral water, honey and dairy products are what has made Bulgaria famous on an international level. We take pride in our 5000+ years of winemaking history and are eager to share it with the American market. Our wines are "hand-made" in family-owned wineries and vineyards. They represent unique Bulgarian grape varieties that are equal or even better to taste and quality to French, Italian and Spanish wines. The Bulgarian wine business has gone through many ups and downs, but it has finally started to "climb the hill" and our wine tourism has grown significantly as well. We look for U.S. based importers to partner with.

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