FJW Solera Whiskey


From United States

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Post Date22/10/2019


Our FJW Solera Style American Whiskey comes from an old Spain aging technique that consists of stacking barrels and only drawing a portion from the bottom barrels for bottling.  Then that bottom barrel is filled up with the one above, etc until new liquor is place in the portion used in the top barrel.  This is a waterfall effect that blends different ages of liquor into a final product.  The smoothness and taste create a profile that is only seen in high end, top shelf bourbons and whiskeys.  This is a fairly new technique for aging in the US and because of the labor involved, is not seen by the larger producers.

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GIA Distillery, Inc. is a small boutique distillery located in a train station built in 1895 in the small town of Madison, NC. One of the owners grew up in Sicily and the other comes from Asheville, NC. Both have been making wine and beer for at least 40 years and have parlayed that experience now into distilling where they’re able to add that hand-crafted touch. Everything from crushing the grapes/grain, fermentation, distilling and bottling is done by hand, with no automated systems. This extra work and effort shine through with an exceptional set of products that offer quality and perfection. It’s GIA’s mission to provide a product that is geared to those who truly appreciate the unique taste of a quality liquor. It is not our goal to just crank out products to appeal to the masses.

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