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Company "Kartveli" LLC is producing three different types of "Jimsher" Whisky:

  • Whisky aged in "Tsinandalii" cask
  • Whisky aged in "Saperavi" cask
  • Whisky aged in Georgian Brandy cask

We age our Whisky in casks where previously different Georgian wines and Brandy were kept. The above mentioned producets differ from eachother by taste, aroma and color.

The whisky aged in Saperavi wine cask, gives a strong taste with light-brown color and Fall aroma.

The whisky aged in Tsinandali wine cask, gives a smooth taste with “light and earthy” color and Summer aroma.

The whisky aged in Georgian Brandy cask, gives a well-balanced taste with brown color and Winter aroma.

Full Product Specifications

Date Created: 06/03/2019
Product Name: Jimsher
Product Type: Whisky
Country of origin: Georgia
Stock available: On request
Price per unit US$: 4.50
Price per unit €: On request
Alc. Vol %: 40.00
Format: 700ml

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Kartveli LLC

Inspired by Georgian wine traditions and culture, Jimsher Chkhaidze – Askaneli decided to establish a company “Kartveli” LLC. The name itself means “Georgian” and the idea of creating distillery is originated in the village of Askana, Guria. Nowadays, the company owns vineyards and barley plantations; produces wine, brandy and whisky which are sold at local and international markets. The most essential fact about “Kartveli” LLC is that its the first and only company in Georgia to produce whisky “Jimsher”.

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