031 Vodka


From South Africa

Alc. Vol %:43.00


Price per unit US$

Price per unit €:On request

Post Date31/03/2023


By carefully crafting each batch of 031 Vodka, we are able to
achieve a vodka that is as at home sipped neat as it is in a
cocktail. Initialhints of citrusgive way to avours of caramel,
butterscotch and cupcakes. Its smooth nish has a satisfyingly
warm, spicy note.

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About this company

Distillery 031’s range reflects the best of contemporary Durban and its unique flavours. Our spirits are produced in small batches, using only the finest natural ingredients. We are listed nationally in South African retailers .We have multiple international awards for our spirits range. We are now actively pursuing export markets.

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