Volnaya Vodka


From Russian Federation

Alc. Vol %:40.00


Price per unit US$On request

Price per unit €:On request

Post Date21/10/2020


Vodka Volnaya is a NOVELTY, the first vodka, produced from one of the best 'Alpha' spirits in Russia.

In 2018 JSC Urzhumdistillery at The Moscow international Competition of Spirits was awarded a gold medal and GRAND PRIX of the competition for 'Alpha' spirit.

An unique blend of rye and wheat grains on a 100% produced in Russia - an excellent choiceto create a clean refined taste. The original design of the bottle and authentic recipe put the drink on a par with the best examples of Russian traditional vodka.


Please feel free to contact us for more details or simply send us a message to know more.

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First Metropolis Corp Group is a Multi-Brand Corporation. Importing and exporting from United states of America. We know that our lifestyle is filled with a large number of branded products, but you may not realize many most commonly product brands. We offer a range of wine and spirits from Russia, France, etc.

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