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Pineapples are tropical fruits that are rich in vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. And, despite their sweetness, pineapples are low in calories.

We use the best tasting pineapple for making the best NPV Brand Pineapple juice drink 250ml short can.

+ Natural fruit juice

+ Best flavor

+ Enrich vitamins

+ High antioxidant

+ Good for health

+ Convenience to carry



NPV Pineapple Juice Drink was created to provide you with a delicious drink that has maximum health benefits.

Enhances energy

Pineapple juice contains vitamin B6 and thiamin, a ‘member’ of the vitamin B group. Vitamin B6 stabilizes sugar and energy, and thiamine helps convert carbohydrates into energy, boosting the immune system.

Good for the kidneys

Potassium - a nutrient found in pineapple juice will help boost the kidney function of your body.

Support digestive system

Bromelain and turmeric can help the body break down proteins, which helps your body digest foods much better.

Acts as a natural antioxidant

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant, and it is abundant in pineapple juice. Therefore, drinking pineapple juice can help boost the body's immune system.

Maintains blood sugar level

Pineapple juice is essential in converting blood sugar into energy, thereby stabilizing blood sugar.

Good for skin

Pineapple juice works in different ways, such as treating acne, and healing the wound quickly... The process of collagen synthesis in pineapple will help skin look smooth and youthful.


+ Volume: 250 ml

+ Packaging: Aluminum Can

+ Ingredients: Water, Pineapple Juice, Sugar, etc.

+ Shelf life: 24 months

+ Sample: Free

+ Delivery time: 20 – 25 days after confirm order

+ Certification: ISO, HACCCP, FDA, HALAL

+ Minimum order quantity: 200 cartons/order


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About this company

Nguyen Pham Viet Beverage Co., Ltd was established in 2019 with the passion to introduce the delicious tropical healthy drinks from Vietnam throughout the world.

One of our key core values is QUALITY. Our expertise is based on our knowledge and experience about R&D, Production, Trading, etc. We also have a good relationship with cooperation farms. As such, we are able to produce many kinds of products with high quality: fruit juice, coconut water, aloe vera drink, energy drink, coconut milk, coffee, etc. Nguyen Pham Viet Beverage Company is proud of giving customers the fresh, healthy, nutritional drinks which are made from our responsibilities and passion.

Our vision is to be the leading Beverage Company in Viet Nam by enhancing the value for our customers, associates and communities.

Our product range includes: Fruit Juice, Energy Drink, Carbonated Drink, Coconut water and Aloe Vera Drink.

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