Mis Amigos Strawberry Tequila


From United States

Alc. Vol %:15.00


Price per unit US$12.99

Price per unit €:On request

Post Date24/05/2024


Sweet premium Mexican Tequila has been distilled
with fresh wild strawberries and soft cream to
make this exquisite Strawberry Cream
Tequila Spirit Drink.
Just like drinking an adult milkshake, Mis Amigos
bursts with unique flavours
and is super smooth on the palate.
A deliciously versatile drink that
can be enjoyed as a shot, over ice
or as a key cocktail ingredient.

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About this company

At the heart of it, we are Bar Tenders and Hospitality professionals who decided there was something missing in the Spirits category as it relates to Tequila. So we set out to play and explore with Tequila and Creams. We created and brought to the USA our award-winning Mis Amigos brand Strawberry Cream Tequila, Chocolate Cream Tequila and Coffee Tequila. Try it and you\'ll want a bottle right away. We are distributed in 7 states now and available for Retail in 40 states on our e-commerce platform.

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