EFE Single Alembic İmbik

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•First rakı brand of Turkey distilled in nanocopper alembic

•Product specs:

ØMade from 100% fresh grapes.

ØIts unque taste and putiry comes from using nanocopper alembic in its production which is first in Turkey

ØContains aniseeds with 99% purity.

ØTotally produced from the belly of the alembic.

ØProduced under the supervision of the Efe Rakı master

ØIts packaging contains handwork.

Its abv is 45%.

Full Product Specifications

Date Created: 01/03/2018
Product Name: EFE Single Alembic İmbik
Product Type: Liqueur
Country of origin: Turkey
Stock available: On request
Price per unit US$: On request
Price per unit €: On request
Alc. Vol %: 45.00
Format: 700ml

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Efe Raki first met the consumers in Germany in August of 2004 and later in Turkey. Within the first 6 months, Efe Raki reached a successful sales rate beyond expectations when all of the production was sold out. Upon receiving such appreciation in the market, the annual production capacity was increased from 5 million liters to 15 million liters as of 2005 in order to meet the increasing demand. Since then, Efe is leading the innovations in the category in a way that transforms raki with many firsts such as; Fresh Grapes, Triple Distilled, Blended, Oak Matured and Bio/Organic brand extensions, Single Alembic,Traditional,5 year old aged in oak barrels . Currently, we do over 15 million liters of annual sales and our brands are distributed over 30 markets internationally. A perception of Efe Raki as a reliable company at international competition level which produces superior quality liquors and shapes the market with its innovations in the eye of its business partners, shareholders and consumers. Aiming the best in every business conducted in order to achieve the targeted vision; improving the brand by means of using sales, marketing and distribution strategies in the most effective and productive way in all channels and the market. Our aim is to spread and continue in the markets with credibility, transparency and good reputation. Best regards, EXPORT RESPONSİBLE ALBER DAGİR MOBİLE : 00905497278299

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