Master Bobwhite Gin


From United States

Alc. Vol %:51.00


Price per unit US$96.00

Price per unit €:On request

Post Date08/08/2018


Born of understated style, Master Bobwhite Gin provides a London Dry profile, finished to our High Dry standards of 102 proof. It is Oaklee's belief, and many mixologists, that amongst all gin styles, the traditional 'juniper forward' London Dry profile provides the most versatility in cocktail creation. Adding to its versatility, Master Bobwhite Gin is bottled at 102 proof. A spirit may be diluted in strength via mixers/water/ice, etc... during cocktail preparation, however, proof cannot be increased. We invite you to Wet Your Whistle with Master Bobwhite Gin, as its versatility will be noticed and appreciated in all gin based cocktails.

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The first brands represented by AGBevCo were small NC distilleries. Since that time we have expanded to nationally distributed brands including wine and beer and are still launching new NC distilleries as well. We consistently receive inquires from new brands needing representation. Some of these are established brands and some are new ventures. Not every supplier fits our mold and in those cases, we help the brand owners find other fruitful distribution options. Our mission is to provide a home for small and mid-sized brands seeking to launch new products in our territory. While providing top of the line market support and brand building experience.

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