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70cl HIN Gin Bottle. 

The Gin is a spin on a London Dry Gin recipe with a big twist. You taste the earth like botanicals and get a real sense of nature with every smell. Tasting is distinct with a long lasting hemp and juniper after taste. Straight away you will get the hemp aroma on the nose with subtle hints of juniper, pink peppercorn and cardamon. 

Over all the Gin is half way between a sipping Gin and a mixer Gin, this was our aim. 

Serving can be easily achieved with a slice of fresh lemon and ice for sipping. For mixing we prefer a Mediteranian Fever Tree tonic with ice and a slice of orange. 

Full Product Specifications

Date Created: 19/02/2019
Product Name: HIN Gin
Product Type: Gin
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Stock available: On request
Price per unit US$: 35.00
Price per unit €: On request
Alc. Vol %: 40.00
Format: 700ml

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Ambary Spirits

Crafted in Lincolnshire, AMBARY is the UK's first Hemp infused Spirits! Infusing organic Hemp with 7 carefully chosen botanicals, AMBARY offers a deep aromatic flavour and is vegan friendly. THC & CBD free.

AMBARY was formed out of a love for something new, something different and something exciting. We became fatigued by being surrounded by tastes and smells which have been used for hundreds of years within sociable beverages. They were safe and smiliar accross the market. Ambary was born - the return of the outlaw.

Help used as a botanical to infuse spirits creates a herbal, floral and authentic taste - contrasting to popular stereotypes. The spirit created is distinctive and interesting, creating refreshing undertones. Emerging masters of mixology love creating experiences within their beverages, we love standing alongside them.

HIN is leading the way in Hemp infused alcoholic spirits in the UK. Co-founders Mat Graham and Chris Puttick leverage a bi-product from the medicinal hemp growing process to vapor infuse spirits. Starting with HIN Gin the company plans to role out other spirits under the HIN branding later in the year. Based in Lincolnshire the pair have secured a large in house distribution network in the north of the UK and are expanding rapidly.

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