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Brandy symbolizes the Armenian alphabet as a valuable heritage for the Armenian nation.

This brandy is one of our new products. 3, 5, and 8 year old wearer.

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"Proshyan brandy factory" LLC is a modern industrial complex equipped with the high tecnological equipment. The direction of the factory places high emphasis on development, preservation and increase of brandy manufacturing traditions. Wine and brandy produced by ""Proshyan brandy factory" are known both in Armenia and abroad. The "Proshyan brandy factory" LLC was founded in 1887. Today the factory occupies the territory of 35000 sq/m and has a large assortment of alcoholic beverages: brandy, wine, vodka, sparkling wine, liqueur. Own vineyards, the modern equipment, traditional technologirs and strict supervision over the quality of production - due to these factors "Proshyan brandy factory"LLC succeeded in earning recognition of its consumers. The main products of the factory are the Armenian brandies of 3-30 years maturity known all over the world, which are made of selected sorts of grape grown in Ararat valley. Brandy made in the factory has a bouquet of delicate aromas typical to Armenian brandies, special softness, velvetness and long- lasting taste. Brandies in souvenir bottles enjoy spetial popularity. On the basis of hand-made glass bottles are the traditions of craftsman and are known all over the world.

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