"Apynio barzda" (Hop Beard)

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The recipe for this beer is inspired by the best German beer tradition. Beer - spicy, clear amber. The combination of cannabis seeds, calendra and light malt creates a unique flavor and makes it completely different from other beers you've suckled.

Brew sheet: 

ABV 5,6% OG 1040 IBU's 21 EBC 12 Hops: Cascade Malt: rye, barley 

In the past it was a privilege of brewers to drink unfiltered beer, however, in Biržai and its surroundings there has always been plenty of brewers, hence everyone knew the taste of unfiltered beer. The brewers of region even agreeing that they enjoyed beer, have been arguing since ancient times whether it is better to serve it filtered or not. Thus some did in one way, while others in another. It is said that there was a serious competition between them - even the arriving foreigners were served by some brewers only with filtered, and by others - only with unfiltered beer, saying that it is the real beer of Biržai. Eventually, everyone would choose by his liking.
Unfiltered beer also totally differs from its filtered relatives. As it is not filtered, the yeast is retained in the beer and creates a rich, expressive and robust flavour. In addition, unfiltered beer retains more vitamins and minerals. Do not be deterred by dregs in the beer - it is obligatory to taste them in order to understand why this beer is so special.




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Date Created: 07/11/2018
Product Name: "Apynio barzda" (Hop Beard)
Product Type: Beer
Country of origin: Lithuania
Stock available: On request
Price per unit US$: On request
Price per unit €: On request
Alc. Vol %: 5.60
Format: 500ml

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Birzu alus JSC

JSC “Biržų Alus” - we are the one of the oldest breweries in Lithuania and also in the Baltic States (since 1686). We have more than 330 years of experience in beer crafting, so we are able to offer a wide range and high quality craft beer. Currently, we are actively expanding into the international market, so we would like to offer a cooperation with our company. We attach the catalog of our products with brief descriptions of them. Moreover, we are able to produce beer with Customer‘s private label.

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