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12 Reasons why you should use Case Displays in your next brand building strategy

Floor Displays are one of the most effective retail merchandising strategies available for showcasing your brand. Here is why you MUST include that in your strategy.

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Beverage Trade Network outlines 12 Reasons why you should use Case Displays in your next brand building strategy.  

1. Generate Talk: Case Displays, if done properly, can generate good Word-Of-Mouth marketing. Consider using custom design carrier cases with local folklore, landmarks, and favourite past-times as design ideas when you are planning your display. Having a strong image for customers to relate with will give them reason to pass the information to friends and neighbors and create a community of potential customers. 

2. Establish Rapport with Large Retail Chain Management: Developing a good relationship with management as you discuss the terms for your floor display can lead to future opportunities. When the display proves successful, you want to be able to re-negotiate the terms of a new display on even ground. Think of ways to work with them in the future and try to harvesting any connections they might be willing to offer in the retail world. Consider your business model and marketing plans and try and fit your new connections into them.

3. Beat the Competition: Setting up your floor display early on and establishing your brand's position in the store will create a positive marketplace for your product. If you don't set up your case display first, rest assured that your competition will - Be one step ahead by being the first on the floor. It's much more difficult to try and take occupied floor space than it is to maintain it.

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