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Wisconsin Wine Distributors

wine distributors in wisconsinWine Cru

Wine Cru is a Wisconsin based wine distributor. Our Brief History * 1972 - Founded in Chicago by the family owned W.I.V. Group which is based in Germany and with current annual sales of $900 million. All decisions made in the USA.

* 1984 - Established a trade distribution company based in Denver, Colorado.

* 2001 - Purchased Great Lakes Wine Company to provide specialized experience in importing and distribution for the Chicago area and upper Midwest.

* 2006 - Acquired Magnum Wine Group, putting more focus on top quality trade distribution in Colorado.

* 2008 – Acquired Bella Vita Wines and Superior Brands in Colorado. The now four combined companies become a major mid-sized trade provider of wine.

* 2009 – Welcome to the new beginning. All companies have now been brought together, reflecting an increased focus in our activities. Our new name demonstrates the great confidence we have in the future. Why? Streamlined administrative and IT processes, a new attitude of service, new supplier goal management programs and a newly combined, veteran sales crew.

* 2012 – Acquired Neuburg Wine Company of Wisconsin, making it the third state Wine Cru operates in.

These changes do not, however, mean that we’ve lost sight of what has brought us success in the past. We have an outstanding array of products to offer… and that’s what it’s all about


L'eft Bank Wine Company

Founded in 1985 by Mark Johnston with his handy Ford Pinto and a few cases of Burgundy, L’Eft Bank has grown to become the leading distributor of fine wines and spirits in the state of Wisconsin.

The diversity of our producers, the knowledge of our salespeople and our commitment to customer service are the foundations on which the success of L’Eft Bank has been built.


Purple Feet Wines

Purple Feet Wines is a full-service, state-wide distribution and import company. We represent over 140 suppliers featuring wines & spirits from virtually every major producing region in the world. The entire warehouse is air-conditioned during warm weather to protect the integrity of the quality products that we represent. Over 95% of all deliveries are made by our employees with PFW owned and maintained delivery vehicles.



M SHIRAZ is a premier distributor of fine wines, spirits and specialty products in Wisconsin. We take great pride in the products we promote and the service we provide to all of our valued customers. M Shiraz was founded in 2008 with the primary vision of providing Wisconsin's small to medium sized wineries the representation they truly deserve. A large percentage of the products we currently represent are from locally-owned, Wisconsin companies.


Rootstock Wine Company

Rootstock Wine Company is Wisconsin's newest fine wine distributor - dedicated to bringing in wines from high quality producers around the world. We specialize in small production wine makers from Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the US. We maintain personal relationships with the importers, farmers, and wine growers who dedicate their lives to this extraordinary craft. We strive to show wines that are indicative of a place, from people who have a deep passion for their vines. It is for this reason that the majority of our wineries utilize sustainable, or even organic practices, not simply for the certification, but because this is what makes the best wine.


Capitol-Husting Company, Inc.

Capitol-Husting Company, Inc. along with it's subsidiary company Allstate Liquor and Wine Company, is a premium wine and spirits wholesale distributor in Wisconsin. The company history goes back to two companies, the E.L. Husting Company established in 1877 and the Capitol Liquor Company formed in 1946.

Back in 1877 the E.L. Husting Company established a factory to produce soda water and later added weissbier. The company fluorished during prohibition by producing 'near beer' and selling it along with it's soda water. In 1932, it became the exclusive bottler of Coca Cola for Milwaukee County. After prohibition the company expanded to become a wholesale distributor of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including the Seagram's and National Distributors lines, Heineken and Heileman's from La Crosse. Soda production ended in 1960.