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Canned Wine Startup Launches with Innovative Approach to Influencer Marketing



Equity is the currency of millennials, and Besa mi Vino is paying big. The LA-based Canned Wine startup is on a mission to produce clean wine for the world we live in today. The days of tossing out stale unfinished glass bottles and wine that contains pesticides and animal byproducts are gone. The duo of brothers founded the company because they wanted to create something that consumers could feel good drinking while having a social and environmentally conscious mindset. Besa's initial wine release this summer launches with a refreshing rosé and a crisp white, both made with organic grapes, refined with no animal byproducts, and low in sulfites & gluten free. Their wine is canned with the purpose of maximum drinker enjoyment and minimal environmental impact. The cans do not affect the taste or quality of the wine and can be enjoyed by beachgoers, pool parties, stadium enthusiasts and mountain climbers. The single-serve cans have a smaller carbon footprint than glass, are more recycle friendly and Sustainable in Practice "SIP" certified.

The founders wanted to hit the ground running with a launch that was as unconventional as canned wine, rewarding those who believed in the brand early on. This led to the genesis of the "Besa Angel" ambassador program. The concept is to give equity and perks to an exclusive group of influencers who aligned with the company's brand and values in exchange for showcasing the product to their loyal followers. "The typical model of 'pay to play' was too transactional", says Michael Radnia, Co-founder and CEO, "we wanted those who believed in our brand early on to benefit and grow with our company throughout its life and always have a vested interest in 'their' wine company." The founders are also giving awareness to the importance of vegan and clean wine while maintaining a balanced flavor profile. Baskin Champion, one of the Besa Angels, said:

"I loved the wine, especially the rosé. I really appreciate Besa mi Vino making an organic version of my favorite drinks! It makes the experience of wine amazing and unique."

By partnering with elite influencers, they're estimating millions of impressions on their products. In addition to having skin in the game, they will enjoy many perks that come with the program like new releases, giveaways, party invites, discounts and more. Everyone wins.

Source: PRNewswire

Image Source: PRNewswire

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