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Blue Shepherd Vodka Enters the Premium Spirits Market



 Ohio-based marketing company, the BOFFO BEVERAGE GROUP, a full service cloud-based alcohol beverage firm that provides services in brand development, regulations and logistics, sales, distribution, and marketing, has announced the launch of BLUE SHEPHERD VODKA Ultra-Premium Vodka to toast our Law Enforcement Community.

BLUE SHEPHERD VODKA is one of the few to enter the ultra-premium beverage market as a 100% corn based product that is Naturally Gluten Free, while being distilled 6 times during the fermentation process. In addition, there are no additives or sugars introduced during the state of art process.

"We are pleased to announce the strategic roll-out of BLUE SHEPHERD VODKA for the upcoming holiday season," says Brian Pearson, CEO of the BOFFO Beverage Group. "We understand the premium spirits business and know how important it is to develop something unique for the consumer. The exceptional bottle design portrays, a brilliant embossed silver star, set off by a deep rich blue background. The unique design element also allows us to develop alternative configurations for the new product lines while remaining creative and diverse."

Priced at $29.99 for 750ml, BLUE SHEPHERD VODKA will commence it's on premise campaign in October 2016, targeting large population and trendsetter cities including Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. The off premise shelves will be filled as well with the initial targeting of large chains such as Binny's and Total Wine & More.

Pearson's Message:

"To our blue shepherds who always watch over us and keep us safe, thank you. Thank you for your unwavering dedication to serve and protect us. We toast with this exceptional vodka to you exceptionally brave souls and your ability to put your life on the line each and every day. We honor you stars who give everything and ask for nothing. Here's to your safety, strength, and courage. We pledge that $1.00 from each bottle sold will be donated to support our law enforcement communities, and their families. God bless them all."

"I think of my work as way to give a proper toast to those who are there doing it every day, and those who live only in memories," says Pearson.

Joint marketing efforts for the new line of BLUE SHEPHERD VODKA, by the BOFFO Beverage Group, will be supported by a national PR campaign, social media and traditional advertising.

About the BOFFO Beverage Group

The BOFFO Beverage Group is a full service firm providing turnkey solutions to beverage manufacturing, federal and state compliance, beverage development and formulation, brand development, complete with concepts, raw goods identification and procurement, sales and wholesale distribution, chain distribution, along with importing and exporting. Brian Pearson is a former Marine, and an 18-year Alcohol Beverage Expert. He started in the industry with a novel niche product that encountered numerous challenges and obstacles with the manufacturing, compliance, and logistics. These initial challenges provide Brian his basis to efficiently guide clients through the highly regulated alcohol beverage industry.

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