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Brisbane beer collaboration for mental health charity


According to the brewsnews With the on-going Covid-19 Lockdown, Archer Brewing has spearheaded the first Brisbane not-for-profit collaboration beer, called the BNE IPA (Bright New England IPA), with 22 other independent Brisbane breweries and 7 local companies to raise money for the Gold Coast mental health education charity LIVIN.

The aim of the BNE IPA this year is to help the wider community. With so much uncertainty and heartbreak surrounding Covid-19, a mental health charity that could help raise awareness about speaking out seemed ideal for that aim. LIVIN spread’s the message ‘It Ain’t Weak to Speak’ so the team from Archer Brewing felt that was the perfect organistion to raise money for, and the beer itself would help friends kickstart those conversations as they shared a BNE IPA.

After Stuart Martin, one of the owners of Archer Brewing, had the idea, he got his other Archer Brewing business partners Lucy Martin (wife) and Gavin Croft involved, and they set about asking local breweries and companies if they would been keen to donate their time, products and/or services for free. Because of this generosity, every cent from the sale of this beer will now go directly to LIVIN. This means everyone who buys it is giving back and helping too.

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