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Dragon De Fuego


United Kingdom


Dragon de Fuego wines are blended from grapes that originate from four of the best-known Spanish regions. Mixing up the components means that we can be creative and craft different styles of wine for sophisticated wine-lovers. We like to think that the blends we produce are soft, approachable and classy. We strive to keep the character of each wine similar for every vintage, the balanced acidity of the fruity Sauvignon and the soft, velvety tannins in the sophisticated Merlot. Both wines are voluptuous and fruity, and made with 100% single varietal grapes. We can’t guarantee that every vintage will boast quite such an impressive percentage – but we can guarantee that the superior quality of the wines will always be maintained. We believe in living up to our labels; giving wine-lovers a clean, crisp taste that they will want to enjoy over and over again.

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