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Hughes Craft Distillery


United Kingdom


Award Winning ‘Bottle Aged’ Liqueur is a naturally fruity whole berry liqueur - the first of its kind! With a choice of Cranberry, Wild Blueberry, Blackcurrant or Chilli Pepper- our ‘Bottle aged liqueurs’ will delight the taste buds with fresh fruity summer berries & mellow Irish Spirit. Delicious over ice, in cocktails or added to Champagne or Prosecco to create Berry Bobbing Bellini’s Tasting Notes… Ruby Blue® Wild Cranberry Liqueur. Clean Cranberry Flavour that is often enjoyed over ice with a twist of lime, or as a champagne topper to create Cranberry Bellini’s. This sweet Cranberry flavour is perfect with Cointreau & Cranberry juice for a modern Cosmopolitan or with Peach schnapps & Lemonade to create a Woo Woo. Ruby Blue® Zesty Blackcurrant Liqueur This Irish Cassis is created using whole Berries. Often enjoyed over crushed ice as or with Champagne, Prosecco or Cava as a Kir Royale. It has a vibrant but smooth & clean Blackcurrant flavour. Delicious with Gin & Lemon to create a Bramble. Gold Medal winner in UK, Ireland, USA. Ruby Blue® Wild Blueberry Liqueur Often enjoyed over ice with a splash of apple juice or add a dash of vodka for a sumptuous Wild Blueberry Tini. Our most popular serve is with Prosecco to create The Wild Blueberry Bellini and with Tequila makes a delicious wild Blueberry Margarita. Our 100% Natural Blueberry liqueur is a delight on Ice cream & Desserts. Ruby Blue® Chilli Pepper Liqueur This Fiery Chilli Infusion will enliven the senses with warming spice and seductive sweetness. Use to add a spicy touch to Margarita's, or your other favorite cocktails. This unique fresh Chilli Liqueur is a delight over ice-cream. Perfect ingredients for any Mixologist or Drinks Enthusiast! is Brought to you by Spirited Drinks Ltd. A young forward thinking company committed to producing Premium drinks that deliver Clean Natural Flavour. Using only real Fruit, Irish Grain Spirit & a little Magic we have created what we believe to be the cleanest most Natural Berry Liqueurs on the market. They even contain their own delicious garnish...

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Category: Winery
Country: United States

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