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Since 2007 our company is engaged in introduction of international brands by franchising to bottlers in Alcoholic beverages in Indian and Far eastern markets. we are engaged in buy- sell- broker Grain Distillery- Molassess Distillery - IMFL Bottlery- Transfering IMFL License,Brewery license etc in India and Far East We are proud to have introduced "Colored and Flavoured VODKA" range into India and few of these are approved in "Army Canteen Stores Department" in Ministry of Defense.Few more are in pipeline including our "American White Whiskey, Mexican Tequila , Brazilian Cachaca and European Absynthe." We had introduced "Birch Filtration process" for the first time in India for making smoothest vodka. Now we are introducing the "Vodka Polishing unit" where spirit is passed through Semi -precious stone beds and travertine beds We are introducing the Accelerated Ageing of Spirits by a US patented Process that cuts down cost, time and ware house space and offers greater control over quality.This process /product would help IMFL bottlers in this part of the globe to introduce aged Indian whisky, Grape Brandy and Cane Juice Rum, wines in IMFL segment. We are also engaged in buy/ sell brokering Distilleries, IMFL bottling units, Malt Spirit units with license in different Indian States We are also offering complete automation in bottling hall for existing and new units. Totally computer controlled operation in bottlery

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Consultant Country: United States

Countries covered: US;AU;CN;HK;JP;NZ
Current product line: Wine;Spirits;Beverages;Non Alc Drinks
Looking for new: Wine;Spirits;Beverages;Non Alc Drinks
Target customers: Distributors;On-Premise Retailers;Off-Premise Retailers;National and Large Chains;Airlines and Cruises
Compensation method: Base + Commission

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Consultant Country: Sweden

Countries covered: SE
Current product line: Wine
Looking for new: Wine
Target customers: On-Premise Retailers;Off-Premise Retailers
Compensation method: Commision Based

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