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As a full-service sales & marketing brokerage company, we provide a pathway to gain acceptance by a distributor or distributor network for new, emerging portfolios. Skill sets in the area of developing sales & marketing plans and programs as well as brand building and navigating through distribution channel members including wholesalers and distribution facilities. Staying true to the sales and brand plans for our client/Suppliers is our claim to fame. Using our strength in the California marketplace with key On- and Off-Premise accounts, both independent accounts, and chain channel buyers, a brand can have the opportunity to expand in any or all of the above-mentioned trade channels. Through relationships with sub-brokers, can also expand distribution outside of California for a client/Supplier. Passion, Integrity, and Experience - Your broker of choice. Expertise in brand building within the 3-tier system & the 2-tier system, providing its Client/Suppliers with Coverage, Focus, Service & Credibility to improve their bottom line.

Salo Wine & Spirits is a Master brokerage house owned & operated by Anthony & Sheri Salomone who, along with their Qualified Sales Team, represent Fine Wines, Spirits, Water & Mixes from all over the World. Brokers, as intermediaries, are sales planners and sales closers. By working closely with the sales and management teams at the distributor, the broker can make a difference. As a Master Broker, Salo Wine & Spirits contract brokers in other states, thus providing brands with Multi-state Distribution and Representation. Having the service of a Master Broker alleviates the Brand Owner from having to deal with multiple brokers in the various states. Salo Wine & Spirits clients are provided personalized representation throughout the major East Coast and West Coast markets. By working in conjunction with the suppliers’ sales and marketing plans, Salo Wine & Spirits embraces, implements and executes the plans at Wholesale, Retail & On-sale levels.

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Consultant Country: Australia

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Current product line: Wine
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Target customers: Distributors;Off-Premise Retailers;National and Large Chains;Government Stores and Accounts
Compensation method: Commision Based

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