Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

Combinatul de Vinuri "CRIOCVA" S.A.

  • Category: Winery

  • Country: Moldova, Republic of

  • Date:07/02/2014

Cricova” JSC is a pearl of the Moldavian wine that represents a unique underground city well-known all over the world by its huge labyrinths, and especially by its excellent wines. "CRICOVA" is the first enterprise in Moldova, which makes sparkling wine as it was prepared by the monk – wine maker Pierre Perignon. The technology "Methode Traditionnelle" is a complex and thin process, consisting in secondary, in-bottle fermentation and the subsequent maturation of cuvee. Given its uniqueness and valuable contribution to the development of the national economy, “Cricova” JSC has been declared the object of cultural national patrimony of Moldova and it is the unique enterprise with the highest state distinction – “The Order of the Republic”. Cricova Cellars are a really remarkable place of the world, where history, archeology and art of winemaking are united into one, thus they gave birth to such miracle as Subterranean Galleries. Being placed under the whole, Cricova town represents a real Subterranean City. Avenues, streets, lanes… Only the denominations they carry are an unusual: Cabernet, Dionis, Feteasca, Chardonnay, Sauvignon… To every street corresponds thus the denomination of the wine, which is being kept in adjoining niches. The width of galleries vary from 6 to 7, 5 m, and the height is of 3- 3, 5 m. The depth, where are located the Cellars, depends of the terrain and varies from 35 meters at the entrance up to 80 m. The uniqueness of the cellars is determined by the subterranean tasting rooms which they posses, thus forming a whole complex. Among them are located: “European hall”, "Casa Mare" (guest-room), "Sea Bottom" "Presidential Hall", "Fireplace Hall". These big halls are spacious and likable, in which are mixed the elements of classic architecture, with plastic details of modern facture and which are decorated with vintages, bas-reliefs, very fine decorative elements, works of art and very valuable furniture. These are the places where happen different national and international tasting, as well as meetings on the highest level. Regardless the precedent experience, the Cricova Cellars are a place, which certainly leaves its unrepeatable imprint in the imagination of every visitor. The Integrated Wine Producing Establishment "CRICOVA" JSC was and remains the producer of remarkable wines, performed in order to arouse your imagination and to bring you pleasure!

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

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