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Singapore Whisky Company Pte Ltd

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Singapore Whisky Company (SWC) is in the business of wholesale and import of alcoholic beverages. Our vision is to build a strong and sustainable Singapore brand by exploring global opportunities, creating and promoting great-tasting alcoholic beverages that fashions gratifying drinking experiences. Our flagship product is the Sing Sing Whisky, a 10-Year Single Malt whisky distilled and bottled in Taiwan. As a whisky that is conceptualized, designed, and marketed in Singapore, the Sing Sing Whisky represents the first-ever Singapore whisky brand.

The First Ever Singapore Whisky Brand. Singaporeans love their whisky!

Over the years, the uprising of Asian whisky distilleries have dismissed the demand for traditional European or American whiskies. Asia now boasts as one of the hot spots for whisky in both consumption and production. In recent years, Taiwan’s whisky distillation techniques has metamorphosed to be on par with famous Japanese whisky distilleries. Birthed from the depths of Taiwan subtropical regions, the Sing Sing Whisky was meticulously crafted by a master whisky artisan to deliver an aromatic floral note that dances in tango with a pleasant sweetness that seduces your palates.

This is where the Sing Sing Whisky originates from.

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