Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

Biotiful Wines - Award Winning Biodynamic and Organic Wines from France

  • Category: Winery

  • Country: France

  • Date:09/01/2017

BIOtiful wines is an association of independant winegrowers from different terroirs unified by a common philosophy : to produce exceptional wines from organic grapes. Association of estates Like a painter in front of his canvas, the winegrower compose​​, often alone. To work an area of ​​several dozen hectares of vines in organic farming requires a lot of attention and leaves little time for selling. By gathering these artisan winegrowers, we wish to extend the reputation of their exceptional wines beyond our borders. Together, we coordinate events abroad, promote our wines and optimize the development of our exports. Spirit of our winegrowers The BIOtiful wines are produced by sincere and passionate winegrowers, aware that the wine comes from the subtle alchemy between heaven, earth and the vine. They chose to grow their vines on a living soil by practicing organic farming. Far from complying with the simple organic fad, for many years, our winegrowers have for many years used no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides and no herbicides. Just common sense and respect of their land. Microbial life is in fact accepted (each insect having its own predator), soil erosion is limited by weed (grasses and clover) and the soil is aerated by tilling with compost enrichment (animal manure). Against parasites (oïdum and mildew), they usevery few treatments based on sulphur and copper (Bordeaux mixture) that leave no residue in the grapes. Their vineyards are thriving, robust and healthy. The grapes they produce in moderate yields are naturally rich in components (yeast, tannins, acidity, etc.), the essential basis for the development of fine wines.

Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

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