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THE VODKA Vavoom Vodka is a 100% gluten-free spirit made from only the finest ingredients. Distilled five times then delicately finished three times to find the perfect balance of taste. We accept only the smoothest product for our demanding consumers. The result is a one of a kind vodka worthy of our exquisite bottle, which also raises the ultra-premium spirits benchmark. THE BRAND At Vavoom we take branding to the next level We want not only our customers, but everyone to know instinctively what we represent as a company. We started with the simple goal of bringing not only a premium spirit to the marketplace, but building a rapport with customers, empowering them to live life to the fullest Stai Bella' Stay Beautiful in Italian. THE BOTTLE Founder Luke Battiloro set out to create the most unique and beautiful bottle in the industry. After multiple attempts and years of design changes, the finished product is a masterpiece of sculpted glass handcrafted to the highest standards in Milan Italy Vavoom offers consumers an Ultra-Premium vodka in a sculpted Italian made bottle that can only be described as Stunning. HAND MADE IN MILAN ITALY Naturally gluten-free, Vavoom Vodka is created using only the highest quality ingredients and distilled five times before final finishing processes make this one of the smoothest Vodkas available today. In the world of high-end spirits, especially in the crowded Vodka segment, the word Beauty rarely comes to mind. GOLD INFUSED LABEL - HAND DIPPED WAX TOP Vavoom may not be the easiest bottle to find, but that’s exactly how we want it. We don’t want to be just another brand, we thrive on exclusivity and instant brand awareness at the most exciting places around the world. Our bottle is instantly recognizable. So where can you get this rare Vodka? ...

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