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Sommeliers Choice Awards 2023 Winners

Baoba Royal Whisky

Whisky from Belgium

  • Appelation:
  • Alc. Vol %: 40.00
  • Post date: 01/08/2017
We are proud to introduce you Baoba Royal. Our whisky has gained a very good repute on the local market and now we are looking to expand. Having Baoba Royal, is choosing for innovation, originality, quality and accepting new sensations.


Wine from New Zealand

  • Appelation:
  • Alc. Vol %: 13.00
  • Post date: 10/07/2017
LEFT FIELD's whimsical design channels the unexpected, the weird and the wonderful. LEFT FIELD is the opposite of boring, predictable labels and unexceptional flavors. LEFT FIELD offers a chance to stand out in a growing high volume category. 

Pollutro Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC

Wine from Italy

  • Appelation:
  • Alc. Vol %: 13.00
  • Post date: 08/07/2017
San Nicola proudly makes hight quality wines using hand-picked grapes to preserve the full qualities of them producing unique flavors. Located in Pollutri, an small town in the East Coat of Italy in the Abruzzo region by the Adriatic Sea.

Champagne Paul Eveque

Other from France

  • Appelation:
  • Alc. Vol %: 12.50
  • Post date: 06/07/2017
Traditional Champagne label founded in 1921 in France. It was available at Macy\'s from 1963 to 1968 3 rd generation family owned.