Wine Importers in Hong Kong

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On this page you can find the list of Wine Importers in Hong Kong like FICO International, Abbelio Wines, Amorosso Fine wines, Boutique Wines, Kedington Wines, Jointek Fine Wines.


FICO International

FICO International Limited is a wine importer and distributor based in Hong Kong, member of the SUN WAH GROUP of Hong Kong. With experience in wine services and international wine trading, FICO is your partner of choice.

Their aim is the satisfaction of your personal and business needs through their wide range of activities. They organize private or corporate wine tastings, dinners or wine appreciation lectures with owners of the most well-known Chateaux and Estates.

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Abbelio Wines

Abbelio Wines is a small wine importer and retailer based in Hong Kong. They source fine, rare and interesting wines from around the world and offer free delivery to most areas of Hong Kong.

They specialise in old wine that isn't readily available in Hong Kong and often just have one or two bottles of these special wines. These wines have been sourced from reputable vendors from around the world. Their wine is stored in a temperature and humidity controlled warehouse HKQAA certified for fine wine storage so you know it has been properly stored in Hong Kong's often extreme temperatures.

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Amorosso Fine wines

Amorosso Fine Wines are a Hong Kong based company with exceptional local knowledge specializing in Hong Kong, China and Macau. Their company has extensive comprehension of the wine industry worldwide and is pleased to be able to supply customers with some of the finest names around the globe.

They import directly from the country of origin as they believe this is the best way to ensure quality and price. Also, knowing the local market, as they do, their consistent aim is to combine quality and value for money whilst maintaining a professional service for trade and consumers from their door to yours.

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Boutique Wines

Boutique Wines is an independent wine importer trading since the early nineties. They supply wines to hotels and restaurants, clubs and retails stores, as well as private clients through their retail showroom and free home delivery service.

Their focus at Boutique Wines is on small winemakers in Australia and New Zealand, all of whom are known for producing only the highest quality wines. They also boast the largest selection of Grand Cru and Premier cru Champagnes available in Hong Kong.

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Catangi Wine

Catangi Limited is a Hong Kong based company since 2010 importing and distributing wines from France with a main focus on Bordeaux area. They have a portfolio of over 100 wines from Bordeaux, Loire, Alsace, Burgundy, Côtes du Rhône and Languedoc. They also offer some Champagne and fine sparkling wines. All their wines mainly come from small and family-owned wineries. They are committed to offering their customers a wide range of high quality wines at a competitive price and a unique service. All the wines in their selection are carefully selected to satisfy all palates from the beginners to the connoisseurs.

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Exklusiv Wines (Hong Kong) Limited

Exklusiv Wines (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 2011, based in Hong Kong for Spanish Wine distribution. From its humble beginnings as a one-man operation, Exklusiv Wines (Hong Kong) Limited has grown into a successful company with business servicing metropolitan Macau, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

They mainly import food and wine from Spain directly under exclusive sales agreement to Hong Kong. They are focus on wholesale and retail market for below exclusive wine brands:

  • DreamLine Magic Sparkling Wine
  • Meleta Love Wine
  • Urbion DO Rioja Wine
  • 200 Monges DO Rioja Wine
  • TorreOria Cava

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Fine Vintage (Far East) Ltd.

FINE VINTAGE was founded in 1986 and is today the longest established Fine Wine importer in Hong Kong.  FINE VINTAGE imports and distributes a very wide range of premium wines, which includes some of the world's leading and award winning wine brands. The portfolio also includes a very full range of top quality spirits, liqueurs and fortified wines as well as premium Sake producer.

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Future Line International Limited

Future Line International Limited mainly imports certified high-quality red wines and white wines from Italy. They believe in the potentiality of many small-to-medium-sized Italian Wine Cellars. However, as we all know, the Italian wines with real good quality will only be sold in their domestic market. This is why high quality Italian wines with preferable prices are rarely found in the Asian regions. Future Line International targets some of the high quality Wine Cellars in Italy and successfully acquires the exclusive rights to be the sole agent of them in the Asian market. They are now providing Italian wine retail and wholesaling in the Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau with favorable prices!

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General Wine & Foods Company Limited

General Wine & Foods Company Limited (In before named General Wine & Foods Co) was established in 1972, dealing with wine import & wholesale business in Hong Kong for more than 40 years. In these years, they sourced the high quality wines from different countries, working closely with their suppliers or wineries, to ensure the competitive price and quality products for their customers. They encourage innovations and allow their customers to catch up the rapidly changing wine business by launching new products every year.

Now, they are carrying more than 30 famous wine brands from all over the world, running not less than 1000 different wine items. Their warehouse occupies exceed 10,000 square meters with stock over 300,000 bottles.

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Golden Gate Wine

Founded in 2004, Golden Gate Wine is a premier importer, dedicated to introduce a wide selection of wines from about 60 wineries from California, Oregon, Washington and pioneered the American niche in Hong Kong and the region, reflecting the fine quality and variety found today at small and medium sized wineries on the West Coast. The food and wine environment in HK is sophisticated and exciting; it is the time to boost the choice of American wines, and those from California in particular.

Golden Gate Wine focuses on award winning wine primarily from the USA, also from France, New Zealand and Australia. The company is also delighted to distribute American craft beers, ciders and spirits, which continue as a growing business segment.

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Golden Vintage International Limited

Golden Vintage International Limited is a unique, energetic, young company established in 2011 by Ms. Carol Wing, an enthusiastic wine lover who believes that the "soul" of wine makers reflects the "quality" of wines.

They are a professional wine importer in Hong Kong, specializing in Italian wines and proudly own the exclusivities of premium brands of Italy and France. With their strong network in wine trade and expertise in wine knowledge, Golden Vintage also provides diversified professional services for event management, wine education and wine investment.

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Grand Cru Cellar

Operating since 1999, Grand Cru Cellar is an importer, distributor and wholesaler of wines and spirits that provides most services that retail wine stores offer but at much favourable prices. Their aim is to provide the best value-for-money wines and other alcoholic beverages with the finest services and personal touches.

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Jointek Fine Wines

JFW is one of the biggest wine importers in China, Hong Kong and Macau, operating on a nationwide distribution network, with over 160 JFW shops, over 100 regional wholesalers and distributors, with more than 12200 accounts on different channels, covering 33 provinces all around China, Hong Kong and Macau. JFW is one of the most reputable, powerful importers in the area and keep the highest standard on supplying wines to suit consumer and customer needs. 

They are authorized importer of the First Growths (Premiers Crus) of Bordeaux wines in China as well as exclusivity of over 1000+ wines from 230 wineries or vineyards, selected from the world’s most famous wine producing regions.

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Kedington Wines

Kedington Wines is a well-established, privately owned wine importer, trading in Hong Kong for over 28 years. They operate in Hong Kong and service Macau. Having taken an early interest in New World boutique wineries, Kedington is now a respectable distributor with a diverse portfolio.

They began with an Australian-focused portfolio when the market was Bordeaux- and Italian-centric; although today they remain strong for their brands Down South, they have diversified to include other key wine producing regions – they are currently an exclusive agent of over 50 wineries/brands, such as the award winning champagne house, Charles Heidsieck, and international Rioja brand Marques de Caceres.

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